Hopefully this blog will inspire those of you that have undertaken the journey to live frugally, but also abundantly. For we three midwestern-bred sisters, this journey started years ago, but in the last three years we have grown to understand “abundance” in a whole new light. We have come to discover the fact that one really can live off of less and still live well. This blog is meant to be a place of hope and encouragement for those who love home-keeping, fashion, food, and life, but do not possess a large bank account. The resources are available, but it requires you to think outside of the box, and to live from your heart, embracing the adventure of abundant frugality. Enjoy and God Bless!




My name is Shanna. I am the second born of five daughters. I am the one who has always been afraid of her own shadow and yet, somehow Abba Father has brought me so far–both in body and in spirit. When I was 18, He moved my timid little self a thousand miles south of my home and family in Ohio, and planted me among family members in West Monroe, Louisiana. I finished high school, then met my husband Chris the following summer on a blind date. We have now been married for 13 hard-fought, blessing-filled years and have two amazing/wild boys, Nathan and Ethan. Being a wife and mother has been one of the most humbling and fulfilling experiences of my life and a source of infinite life lessons and opportunities for growth…and maybe even the occasional blog anecdote. 😉
One of my many passions that I also enjoy writing about is DIY design. My sisters and I did not grow up with a whole lot and in those character-building years, we learned the art of doing more with less. My husband and I worked on our first home together for 11 years and right as the paint dried on the last room we renovated…we moved to another house in the country.  The process of putting my mark on this house has been slow, but as I find cost effective ways to transform my home, I will gladly pass them along to you and hopefully inspire you along the way. I also love cooking and entertaining and I consider my kitchen table my mission field. I love to minister to people’s hearts over a lovingly cooked meal or a cup of coffee so hopefully I can give some love and inspiration to those who also love to cook and entertain!

Another area in my life that Jesus has been working on is a very bruised body image and a lifetime struggle with my weight. He has slowly developed within me a love for clothes, shoes, make-up and all things that celebrate the feminine spirit. As he helps me discover the beauty he has bestowed on me, hopefully I will be able to share with you in your journey to find your own.
Overall, this whole blog-writing experience has been such a place of growth and vulnerability. It is so scary to put one’s heart out there like this, but if any of our stories touch your heart and inspire you on your own journey, what a deep and profound honor! I pray Jesus will heal your heart where it has been broken, that he will refresh you with the newness of his full and abundant life, and fill yours to the brim with his lavish and abundant blessings. ~Shanna


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