Random Musings….


So, it’s been quite some time since Starla, Sierra or myself has posted anything here lately. Admittedly, we have never been the types to pump out loads of blog posts to begin with. I would like to think that our motivation is quality over quantity…but even more so, that our writing would reflect the natural movement of our lives, our learning, growing and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

So why the recent drought? I will risk going out on a limb to speak on behalf of my beloved sisters and say that perhaps we have all been in the throws of boot camp….Life boot camp.

I believe we all have a heart to grow in our faith and maturity and sometimes when you are up to your eyeballs in that process, the last thing on your mind is to stop and write about it….though, perhaps that is exactly what we should do, because herein lies the heart of this blog. Our desire is to share in our growth and inspire others in their own journeys, and I have always felt that inspiration is contagious. Just get a group of ladies together, sharing stories and watch as excitement/encouragement spreads throughout the room.

There is also the reality in which we live where growth and beauty and all that is lovely and good is deeply opposed by the Enemy, the one who roams the earth seeking out whom he may destroy. So this is me, touching base with anyone who has happened upon this blog in the past, letting you know that we are still here. We still have a heart for beauty and fashion, cooking yummy food and sharing that with friends and family, creating beauty in our homes and sharing life lessons within an attainable budget and real life circumstances. More to come soon! God bless!!!!



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