Pinterest Project: Jewelry Frame


I remember not so long ago asking someone, what the heck is Pinterest?? Haha!!! I tend to be really behind the times, but who can keep up with technology??? By the time I finally get MySpace and Facebook figured out, everyone has moved on to Twitter and Instagram. In truth, my personality will just not allow me to keep up with all the latest and greatest technology has to offer because I am way too easily overwhelmed. It took me forever to finally break down and make my own Pin Board on Pinterest because not only am I easily overwhelmed, I am also extremely easily distracted. I didn’t want to start the whole Pinterest thing and end up with yet another addiction and/or distraction in my life. Thankfully, one of the fruits of the Spirit is self control! Yay! I am learning to partake of the vast and endless beauty and creativity that Pinterest has to offer without allowing it to take over my life. Balance is a beautiful thing and is indeed attainable through the help of Jesus. Good stuff! =)

One thing that I have noticed about Pinterest is that so many people have boards full of recipes they never cook, diet and exercise plans they never use, and crafts they never follow through and create. It is so easy to live out our dreams in cyber space…but how often do we give those dreams legs?? I have a craft board. I have tried to keep it to a minimun and only post projects that I can and will create. So far, I think all of the ones I have pinned are attainable, doable, and affordable. Yay! Creative inspiration AND incentive to follow through!

My first project inspired by Pinterest was a Mid-Century Modern mirror made of wood shims. You can check that out here:

Here is my latest project…a jewelry frame! I love how it’s both a practical storage solution for jewelry with the added benefit of being a stunning piece of mixed media artwork to adorn your wall! I know that there are tons of these on Pinterest, so it’s not like this is ground breaking stuff, but hopefully this blog will serve more as an inspiration for you to put some legs on your dreams and Pin Boards. Happy creating! God bless! ~Shanna



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