What is Poverty? Really?


I am sure that many of you are reading this blog hoping to be inspired and encouraged to live life differently. One of the things that Sierra, Shanna and I have had to face is our family demon of “poverty”. The spirit of poverty is a thief; it steals when you have and when you do not have, it keeps you in a state of fear of never having enough, hoarding what should be pitched and buying inferior quality because it is cheap. You can never see the bigger picture because you are trapped by inferiority. Poverty will keep you in bondage, because when you are blessed you will worry about how you will get by the next time. You will never enjoy  anything for fear that you will lose everything. You will always count the cost instead of enjoying the things that you have. I encourage you to pray about this, because it is definitely spiritual warfare. Satan is a liar and a thief and poverty is one of the ways he lies to you and steals from you.

Living from a frugal mindset is living life economically and not wastefully. There are wonderful pleasures to be had by living frugally, but living a frugal lifestyle is a learning process. A wonderful book that I highly recommend to teach you how to live frugally is “Simple Abundance” by Sarah Ban Breathnach. Those of us who have lived under the bondage of poverty need someone to come along side and teach us a new way of looking at things.  We also need someone to teach us because this is definitely a new way of thinking, so ask the Holy Spirit to teach you a new way to live.  Please remember things are not what they seem. You may feel very safe, and self-righteous in your poverty, but you are the one that satan is robbing blind, and no one else. It is time to live a life of blessed abundance! It is often all around us, we just have to have the eyes to see and ears to hear it.

These definitions were taken from Webster’s Dictionary:

Poverty-the condition or quality of being poor; need; inferiority; inadequacy; scarcity.

Frugal-not wasteful; thrifty; economical.


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