A Wool-Top Quilt


When I was growing up, my mother had this amazing wool-top quilt that was the most deliciously warm quilt to use during the cold Ohio winters. We grew up in an extremely chilly house and I remember literally fighting over who would get to use this quilt for the night. I kind of think that we wore the poor thing to tatters. My mom doesn’t even know where it is anymore….

…..So for the last several months I have been taking sewing and crocheting lessons from a dear friend and I have learned so much already. My original motivation to learn to sew was to have the ability to alter my own clothing, which would be a great skill to learn for a frequent thrift shopper. (You know sometimes you find something really beautiful and then it just doesn’t fit quite right? Maybe you want to shorten something or take something in, or simply give the whole thing a new look? That is what I want to do! )

Anyways, about this quilt….My boss had a rack with about 20 different men’s suits that she had gotten as hand-me-downs from a friend several years earlier. She decided to take them home for her guys to try on to see if any of them caught their eye. Unfortunately, I don’t think any of her guys were really into them, so they wound up on this rack, collecting dust in the garage. In an effort to help her do some organizing, and considering we had fooled around with moving these suits all over the garage, I suggested that we bid the suits adieu. I actually thought that she should take them to Goodwill or chunk them because neither one of us could stand the sight of the things anymore! They were like the little pile of unmatched socks that you keep washing in hopes that you will one day find their mates, when all the while they just continue to be lonely unmatched socks….until finally you have the clarity of mind to let them go. This was that moment! Just when I was about to start bagging them, a thought came to my mind- “All of these suits are wool. Wool! Hey, maybe I could cut them up into quilt squares and make a replica of that old wool-top quilt that we all loved so much as kids!” Perfect! Into my trunk they went!

Several weeks later I was helping Jetty (my sewing teacher) clean out a closet, and we found two big boxes where she had years earlier placed several pieces of wool clothing and the start of several 4 inch wool square cut-outs. She told me that the clothes had probably been in those boxes for twenty years and that she had no intension of using any of them, so I was welcome to any of it that I wanted. What a blessing! The best part was that there were enough 4 inch cut-outs for about 15 or more 9-squares. It was the perfect head start for my quilt!

So, this is one of my winter projects for the next 2 or 3 months. A knotted wool-top, 9-sqaure quilt! I am so excited to see how it turns out!

Lesson Learned: Sometimes really strange things remind us of something that we love, or trigger a precious memory. In my case, it was these dusty suits that reminded me of that old cozy quilt from my childhood. Goodwill and other places like it are a wonderful way to bless people with things we may no longer need, but if you can come up with a neat way to use something of quality, then more power to you! I hope this inspires a new creative project for your long winter months! God Bless!



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