Sure! I’ll be a Madden Girl!


If there is one thing that you should know about me, it is the fact that I am in love with shoes. Heels, boots, sneakers, sandals- you name it! And throughout every thrifty venture that I set out on, my first question to myself when I step through the door of a musty scented thrift store is, “Where is the shoe section?” I make a bee-line straight there, not even stopping to check out a cute hat or purse. Everyone has their priorities, right? (Or maybe a more appropriate word would be “weakness” rather then “priority”….) And I am proud to admit that shoes are mine!

My lovely sister (and roommate) Starla, and I were out together this past Saturday to do our weekly banking and grocery shopping in town when we decided to add a little thrifting to our daily duties. We popped over to St. Mary’s to one of our favorite thrifting spots called Agape. As usual, I made my trip straight to the shoe section. I scanned my eyes over the “size 8 and 8 1/2” section over and over. I had my eyes peeled for some new boots (my favorite foot-wear), but I simply wasn’t having any luck. I wondered over to the housewares section and found some fantastic transfer-ware china with a pretty, pink flower print. They wanted $50 for it! CRAZY! And pretty soon I was wondering back over to the shoes for a second scan. I always make a second scan because I usually ALWAYS miss something good the first time around. On my way over a realized that the lovely ladies of Agape ministries had set up a special “winter wear” section near the cash register and it had a whole separate selection of winter boots. Nice! But I looked them over closely and they just looked blah….You know that look, right? Like maybe the people should have just thrown some of those boots away…?? Okay! Okay! I know! It’s charity! Fine!…..So anyways, I didn’t see anything that suited my taste, so I ventured over to the hats and found a knit winter cap that I may try wearing if I do any snow boarding again this winter. Very cute. Very college-kid cute….

Ok, so we’ve been in this thrift store for about 45 minutes to an hour now and I’m thinking that I haven’t found much that I can’t live without. (A top rule of mine when buying clothes or shoes- Don’t buy it unless you LOVE it!) Star tells me that she found some boots that she thinks I might like over in the winter-wear section. I see them and they don’t strike me….but wait! What to my wondering eyes would appear?? I freshly set out pair of black riding boots, by Madden Girl ( a Steve Madden company)! And in my size! Victory!! Poor Star was a bit disappointed that they weren’t in her size….She has been praying to find a pair for months….But, oh well! Ha! I revel in my thrifty find with grateful heart!

I love my Vogue magazine and always try to be familiar with the current season’s looks. Though riding boots are sort of a classic look that doesn’t really go out of style, I find it really cool to see ads or shoots that display looks that I have found at a reasonable price. Here is an ad from Vogue magazine that displays several different types and variations of riding boots. Not sure of prices on these beautiful boots, but I got mine for $6.99 at the lovely Agape Ministries, of St. Mary’s, Ohio! Nothing like finding a great deal that makes you look great as well! Love it!



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